Veggie Hummus & Beef Hummus Wine Pairing

By Dila Lee

Veggie Hummus – White wines that taste fuller and creamier such as those from Bordeaux or Burgundy generally would the best pairing option for hummus; however, with this specific Turkish recipe, we can get a little more adventurous! Considering the dish being packed with powerful flavors like garlic and citrus, a crips Assyritko from the Santorini region of Greece or a zesty acidity of a Nothern Italian Pinot Grigio to contrast the flavor of the these powerful flavors would be greatlu complementary.

Beef Hummus – While a medium bodied dry rose would complement both the plain and the beef versions of this dish, a soft, easy-drinking and luscious domestic Merlot will step right up to it!


Your local grocery store may have exactly what you’re looking for! Here are a few links to the wine department of major grocery outlets most likely near you:

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