Delicious Garlic Hummus

On the few occasions I’ve bought hummus at the grocery store, I received a scoff from my Turkish husband. While I only ever ate hummus once in all of the many trips we’ve taken to Turkey over the years, my husband used to manage the kitchen of a Turkish restaurant (where we met, actually) where […]

How To Make Yogurt At Home

If you Google “how to make yogurt,” you’ll find many different recipes with different starter cultures, devices like an Instant Pot or actual machines dedicated to making yogurt. I’m going to give you a really basic recipe for making yogurt that I learned from my Turkish mother-in-law. All you need is milk, a couple heaping […]

Turkish Red Lentil Soup: Mercimek Çorbası

If you’re looking to whip up a quick and nutritious meal, I’ve got something for you to try. If you’ve ever ate at a Turkish restaurant, you’ve likely seen this on the menu. And every Turkish household has a slightly different variation on how to make it. I’m talking about red lentil soup, aka, mercimek […]

Oats, Nuts & Berries Cookies (Gluten Free)

When I indulge in a sweet treat, I like for it to at least have some wholesome value. That’s why I love these cookies. Is it low calorie? Nope. But it has a lot of fiber thanks to the oats and nuts, and if you can’t or won’t eat gluten, you’re in the clear. You […]

Mama Chong’s Meat Marinade

I’ve always admired how my mom would take the same flavor palate that goes into her Korean cooking and incorporate it into Western dishes.  My American family and friends always LOVE my mama’s steak, and the big secret is her marinade. It is the same as the marinade for bulgogi, although the preparation is just […]

Quick & Easy Tomato Soup – Fast, Healthy Recipes

Whether as an appetizer or a full-on meal, soups are one of my favorite types of food. I like it piping hot, and I like it year round. I like it when I’m dieting, and even as a precursor to a terribly-unhealthy-but-delicious main course. Pureed soups also happen to be one of the easiest ways […]