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Cacık – Tzatziki – Refreshing Cucumber & Yogurt Dip

I’d take a venture to guess most Americans know this dish by it’s Greek name, tzatziki; however, it’s also eaten quite often in Turkey where it is called cacık. There are many different iterations of this dish that vary from house-to-house, but this is a super simple version that will take 5 minutes to prepare!…

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Gochujang – Fat Burning Hot Pepper Paste

One key ingredient to many of the Korean dishes you’ll find on this site is gochujang – a spicy, fermented soybean paste that has become increasingly more popular here in the States. In fact, I was shocked when during a recent trip to Food Lion (a grocery chain here in North Carolina), I saw a bottle of gochujang! This is great because there’s no substitute you can use to match…

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Condiments/ Gluten-Free/ Turkish - Mediterranean

How To Make Yogurt At Home

If you Google “how to make yogurt,” you’ll find many different recipes with different starter cultures, devices like an Instant Pot or actual machines dedicated to making yogurt. I’m going to give you a really basic recipe for making yogurt that I learned from my Turkish mother-in-law. All you need is milk, a couple heaping spoonfuls of yogurt, a towel or blanket, and two pots. Oh, and your finger.…

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Mama Chong’s Meat Marinade

I’ve always admired how my mom would take the same flavor palate that goes into her Korean cooking and incorporate it into Western dishes.  My American family and friends always LOVE my mama’s steak, and the big secret is her marinade. It is the same as the marinade for bulgogi, although the preparation is just a little less involved. This marinade is excellent for beef, but it could also be…

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