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Dairy-Free/ Gluten-Free/ Main Course/ Turkish - Mediterranean

Turkish Pumpkin and Beef Stew – Kabaklama

This hearty stew has savory, spicy and sour notes that will leave your tastebuds happy. It’s an Eastern Turkish dish called “kabaklama,” a wonderful meal to enjoy in the fall and winter. I love carving pumpkins at Halloween with the kiddos, but I always save one to to make kabaklama (and maybe even a dessert with any leftover pumpkin).…

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Condiments/ Gluten-Free/ Small Bites/ Turkish - Mediterranean/ Vegetarian

Cacık – Tzatziki – Refreshing Cucumber & Yogurt Dip

I’d take a venture to guess most Americans know this dish by it’s Greek name, tzatziki; however, it’s also eaten quite often in Turkey where it is called cacık. There are many different iterations of this dish that vary from house-to-house, but this is a super simple version that will take 5 minutes to prepare!…

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Main Course/ Turkish - Mediterranean

Turkish Shish Kabob (Şiş Kebap – Antep)

Before visiting Turkey for the first time, Anthony Bourdain said he always thought of Turkish food as little more than “meat on a stick.” He later learned that the country’s cuisine is much more nuanced; however, he had a reason for his initial thoughts.  Kebap – otherwise known as kabob here in the U.S. – is the most common dish you’ll find in States-side Turkish restaurants and truly is enjoyed…

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