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Eating Kimchi? Pair With Beer

By Dila Lee

Traditionally, when thinking of what to “pair” with your food, wine comes to mind. However, with the explosion of craft breweries in recent years, beer and food pairings are getting more attention.

Your pairing choices can be a combination of contrasting and mirroring to bring out the best in your food, and to balance the food and drink in your mouth. While food and beverage pairings can be highly personal, some foods lend themselves well to particular drinks.  Continue Reading…


Veggie Hummus & Beef Hummus Wine Pairing

By Dila Lee

Veggie Hummus – White wines that taste fuller and creamier such as those from Bordeaux or Burgundy generally would the best pairing option for hummus; however, with this specific Turkish recipe, we can get a little more adventurous! Considering the dish being packed with powerful flavors like garlic and citrus, a crips Assyritko from the Santorini region of Greece or a zesty acidity of a Nothern Italian Pinot Grigio to contrast the flavor of the these powerful flavors would be greatlu complementary.

Beef Hummus – While a medium bodied dry rose would complement both the plain and the beef versions of this dish, a soft, easy-drinking and luscious domestic Merlot will step right up to it!


Your local grocery store may have exactly what you’re looking for! Here are a few links to the wine department of major grocery outlets most likely near you:

Forest Bear – A Green Tea Mule with Japanese Shochu

By Dila Lee

Shochu is a Japanese distilled liquor, made with various ingredients – 55 raw and processed materials are permitted including rice, barley, sweet potato and brown sugar.

Compared to other distilled liquors, shochu products tend to have a low alcohol content, around 25%, due to the addition of water. Shochu is often consumed by adding cold or hot water, enjoyed along with a meal, or used as a base for cocktails. Continue Reading…