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Shrimp Casserole with Feta Cheese (Shrimp Güveç)

A very common dish in Turkish restaurants, shrimp güveç is a shrimp casserole baked in a tomato base with vegetables, and typically topped with melted cheese. It’s name comes from the small dish that it’s cooked in – a güveç is a small clay pot typically holding 1-2 servings. But if you don’t have a güveç, it’s not a problem! In fact, it’s easier to just cook it all in a big dish and eat it family style. Continue Reading…

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Doenjang Jjigae with Scallops, Sweet Potato & Summer Squash

Ever heard of doenjang (된장)? It’s a fermented soy bean paste commonly used in Korean cooking. Is it like Miso, you may ask? While they have similar traits, doenjang has a more intense flavor. It’s quite salty, so you won’t have to add any additional salt to your dish especially if you’re using it in a stew.

Doenjang jjigae (jjigae means stew) is a meal you’ll find in many Korean households that takes on numerous  forms with various vegetables and proteins. There are so many ways to make doenjang jjigae to your liking! Continue Reading…

Dairy-Free/ Gluten-Free/ Main Course/ Recipes/ Turkish - Mediterranean

Turkish Stuffed Eggplant – Karnıyarık

Stuffed eggplant, known as karnıyarık, is a classic Turkish dish enjoyed throughout all regions of Turkey. My mother-in-law makes this meal at least once every time she visits, usually when my parents also come over for a big family meal. 

This dish is a little more involved than other, easier recipes on this site. However, it is very delicious so worth the trouble! Because of this, we usually make a lot at a time so we can enjoy leftovers for a couple of days. The version I’m sharing here is a family recipe, made in my husband/mother-in-law’s style. Continue Reading…

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Low Carb Kimbap (Gimbap)

Normal kimbap (also spelled gimbap, 김밥) is a delicious and healthy meal or appetizer option filled with your favorite veggies, optional egg or meat, and usually pickled yellow radish rolled into seaweed with steamed rice. You may also have heard it called “Korean sushi” because although it doesn’t have raw fish, it looks like a sushi roll. 

As a child I always loved standing near my mom as she made kimbap because she’d feed me little strips of egg, meat, or veggies as she was rolling them.

If you’re cutting back on starches but still have a craving for kimbap, or if you’re looking to try something a little different from your keto cookbook, you can try this version of kimbap that omits the rice. Without it, you just have veggies, egg (and maybe meat), and seaweed. Continue Reading…