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Etli Kuru Fasulye – Stewed White Beans

Much like the Turkish green beans (yeşil fasulye) recipe I posted a couple weeks ago, this is another fasulye (beans) dish that is one of my Turkish husband’s favorites. It’s also fast, cheap and healthy. My favorite combo!

Kuru fasulye is a very common dish in Turkish households that may vary from home-to-home. My husband’s family is from Eastern Turkey so this version stands true to their preferences. Continue Reading…

Recipes/ Small Bites/ Turkish - Mediterranean/ Vegetarian

Tomato Bulgar Pilav

This tomato bulgar pilav is a wonderful side dish to accompany kebab or any meat dish, particularly if you’re looking for an alternative to rice. Sometimes in our house we’ll eat it with soup and salad and it’s really enough food for our entire meal. My kids will eat a small bowl as their meal by itself.

Bulgar is packed with protein and fiber among other nutrients (like manganese and iron). It’s also very filling so a little bit goes a long way. Continue Reading…

Dairy-Free/ Gluten-Free/ Recipes/ Small Bites/ Turkish - Mediterranean/ Vegetarian

Turkish Red Lentil Soup: Mercimek Çorbası

If you’re looking to whip up a quick and nutritious meal, I’ve got something for you to try. If you’ve ever ate at a Turkish restaurant, you’ve likely seen this on the menu. And every Turkish household has a slightly different variation on how to make it. I’m talking about red lentil soup, aka, mercimek çorbası. Continue Reading…